Reflective Fabric Cloth Material 1mx140cm – For car, solar panel / heater etc


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Reflective Fabric Cloth Material

Reflective Fabric Cloth Material. Used to car,
solar panel / heater etc.

This listing Size
: 50cm x 140cm
: 25cm x 140cm
Size : 1m x 140cm

Reflective Fabric Cloth in Pre-Cut Sizes.
Roll width is 140cm.

This material is very
/ thick and
it is waterproof and suitable for
outdoors use.

Use to sew onto safety garments
or car protection and solar heater / panel. Also be used in theatre
stage sets and other arts and craft purposes.
When properly used reflective material helps enhance the visibility
of the wearer in night-time or low-light conditions when illuminated
by a light source, such as headlights or torchlight or theatrical
stage lighting.
It works by returning the light back toward the original source and
reaching the eye of the person/s directly behind the light source,
showing up as bright white. This material is used globally in hi
work-wear, sports-wear etc.
The fabric is a cotton & polyester mix. The reverse the ‘right’ side
is contains the reflective side. Domestic sewing machines have no
problem with this material.

If you
need custom size / bigger than 1m x 140cm please contact with us!



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