Pure Fresh Royal Jelly 10g (0.35 oz) 100%- Super Energy Food – Organic


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 10g (0.35 oz) 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly


Super Energy Food

  • Premium quality and high potency!
  • 100% pure & fresh gluten free whole Royal Jelly –No fillers.
  • Full of B-vitamins, nucleic acid, essential amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, protein, essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Naturally cholesterol, sodium, gluten and fat free.
  • Royal Jelly is the Queen Bee’s only source of food, which enables her to live 40 times longer than the worker bees.
  • Our Fresh Royal Jelly will keep its full potency when kept in the refrigerator.
  • To ensure freshness, all orders placed after Wednesday until Sunday will be shipped out on the following Monday.Benefits:1) Anti-ageing:
    Royal Jelly increases life span due to its anti-oxidation mechanism meanwhile its 10-HDA can promote collagen production activity which is good for skin and joints and may prevent osteoporosis by enhancing intestinal calcium absorption.

    2) Boosts Immunity:
    Royal Jelly protein suppresses allergy reactions by restores the macrophage function, which exhibit potent immuno-regulatory property and improves the physical fatigue after exercise.

    3) Sexual Benefits:
    Royal Jelly can help you to keep in sexually active with improved results even after… It is ideal for Adults and elderly who want to stay sexual healthy and young!

    4) Reduces hypertension and cholesterol:
    Royal Jelly can reduce total serum cholesterol levels of patients group by about 10% and reduces hypertension.

    5) Anti-bacteria and Anti-fungus:
    Royal Jelly exhibits antibiotic activity against bacteria and fungal, anti-flammatory and thus enhances diabetic wound healing.


    Consume directly with water or mix with cold water @ honey

Take before breakfast or empty stomach for better result

Adult: 1 small spoon daily (included in pack)
Children(3 -16 years old) :1/3 – 1/2 of adult dosage

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