NESCAFE Decaf Instant Coffee 50gr


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1×50 gr NESCAFE Classic Decaf

The famous Greek frappe coffee

Preparation of Instant  Iced Nescafe Frappe

  • Pour 10-15ml of water in the
    shaker (water
    in step 1 plays an important role in creating qualitative foam.
    A very small quantity will not produce enough foam while a large
    quantity will produce soapy foam.)
  • Add two tea-spoonfuls of
    NESCAFE Classic and one tea-spoonful of sugar, or more if
  • Shake strongly until all the
    water becomes foam. Potential use of an electric hand mixer,
    instead of a shaker, will make a more nice, shiny and creamy
  • Pour into a glass of 250ml,
    add 3-4 ice cubes and chilled water to fill the glass for black
    NESCAFE Frappe. For white NESCAFE Frappe, add 20-30ml chilled
    milk. Ideal serving temperature is 10 degrees Celsius.

Preparation of instant hot Nescafe Frappe

  • In a mug add 1-2 teaspoons of coffee & if you like 1 or more
    teaspoons of sugar
  • Fill it up with hot water
  • Mix it with the spoon & enjoy!

Enjoy your aromatic coffee hot or cold

Package Included: 1 X Nescafe Classic decaf 50g

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